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But the notion of Ralph Nickleby having directed it to be done, tickled his fancy so much, that he could not refrain from cracking all his ten fingers in succession: at which performance Mrs Nickleby was rather startled at first, but supposing it to be in some remote manner connected with the gout, did not remark upon.
Low as was his opinion of Golenishtchev's capacity for understanding art, trifling as was the true remark upon the fidelity of the expression of Pilate as an official, and offensive as might have seemed the utterance of so unimportant an observation while nothing was said of more serious points, Mihailov was in an ecstasy of delight at this observation.
Others remark upon the troublesome nature of his cough.
The guest made no remark upon this novel cure for drowsiness, and recipe for making people lively, but, with his hands clasped behind him, stood in the porch, very much amused to see old John, with the bridle in his hand, wavering between a strong impulse to abandon the animal to his fate, and a half disposition to lead him into the house, and shut him up in the parlour, while he waited on his master.
The president made the remark upon receiving at the Guests House in Khartoum, the Qatari State Minister for Foreign Affairs, Sultan Bin Saad Al Mirikhi, currently on visit to the country.
The Kuwaiti Minister made this remark upon his arrival to Jordan to participate in FIFA U-17 Women's World Cup which will kick off tomorrow in the Capital Damascus.
Many of our customers have had family and friends looked after at Kirkwood and often remark upon how fortunate we are as a community to have such a facility on our doorstep.
I CAN'T help but remark upon the correlation between the decadence of society and the decadence of Christian names which children are lumbered with.
Comparing and to some extent reconciling the two is one of the purposes of these 15 papers, which remark upon curriculum in culture, media and technology, feminist and queer theory, phenomenology and art.
I thought that this was unusual for 'the public' to notice and remark upon.
It is almost trite to remark upon the way in which technological change, particularly the evolution of the Internet, has affected contemporary society.
Most striking is the fossil's apparently sprawling posture, he notes, a feature that Mayr and his colleagues didn't remark upon in their report.