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His integrity was perfect; it was a law of nature with him, rather than a choice or a principle; nor can it be otherwise than the main condition of an intellect so remarkably clear and accurate as his to be honest and regular in the administration of affairs.
Miss Linton, I shall enjoy myself remarkably in thinking your father will be miserable: I shall not sleep for satisfaction.
Below the hat was a lean, long, sallow face, deeply pitted with the smallpox, and characterized, very remarkably, by eyes of two different colors -- one bilious green, one bilious brown, both sharply intelligent.
He'd look remarkably well from a yard-arm, sir," returned the captain.
Their histories count a hundred and sixty-two reigns, from Cham to Faciladas or Basilides; among which some women are remarkably celebrated.
Indeed, they had all seemed remarkably taciturn, and when they did speak, endowed with very uncanny voices.
Hutchinson's thoughts as he looked back upon the long vista of events with which this chair was so remarkably connected.
These horses are principally of the pony breed; but remarkably stout and long-winded.
Besides, I had my own stock of weaknesses at the time (it is a different one now), and amongst them was the conceit of being remarkably well up in the psychology of the Westerly weather.
You're safe from being overfed: You're sweetly picturesque in rags: You never know the aching head That comes along with money-bags: And you have time to cultivate That best of qualities, Content-- For which you'll find your present state Remarkably convenient
The animal, a remarkably fine one, had been taken ashore, and stabled in a hut of cocoanut boughs within the fortified enclosure.
The whole coast is described as remarkably rugged and mountainous; with dense forests of hemlock, spruce, white and red cedar, cotton-wood, white oak, white and swamp ash, willow, and a few walnut.