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Fear nothing," said the young man, smiling, "we are neither of us of sufficient importance for our absence to be remarked.
The prince remarked with a smile, that he was a loser by the transaction.
The prince will begin by singing us a fashionable ditty," remarked Ferdishenko, and looked at the mistress of the house, to see what she would say.
Bonaparte has said so," remarked Prince Andrew with a sarcastic smile.
Ah, there is some truth in your remarks, Kaliko," remarked the King, deciding not to throw the scepter.
To dine at half-past seven," the Duchess remarked, as she looked around the ENTRESOL of the great restaurant through her lorgnettes, "is certainly a little trying for one's temper and for one's digestion, but so long as those men accepted, I certainly think they ought to have been here.
his friend remarked sympathetically,--"best cooking, best wines in London.
In case you should feel any curiosity on the subject," Wingrave remarked, "I may tell you that I have those letters which she was so anxious to know about, and I shall keep them safe--even from you
However, as she very logically remarked, there must have been SOME young person in that way of business who had made a fortune without having anything to begin with, and that being taken for granted, why should not Kate do the same?
I have remarked in the first chapter--but a long catalogue of facts which cannot be here given would be necessary to show the truth of the remark--that the reproductive system is eminently susceptible to changes in the conditions of life; and to this system being functionally disturbed in the parents, I chiefly attribute the varying or plastic condition of the offspring.
I see it now,' Alice remarked thoughtfully: 'and what are "TOVES"?
Do you know," he remarked, "I think I am beginning to like your uncle.