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To say that socialism is remediable is not to say that the process is guaranteed to succeed.
While the clinical failings identified were remediable and had mostly been remedied, the registrant failed to demonstrate that his attitudinal problems had been addressed."
Chronic cough in adults can be separated into three categories (Gibson et al, 2010)--common causes of chronic cough, remediable conditions and significant conditions.
(3) This error is remediable regardless of whether the discriminating party is a civil or criminal litigant, (4) or whether it is the prosecution or the defense who attempts to exercise a discriminatory jury challenge.
The fundamental difference is that Medicare Home Care is designed to provide short-term, episodic skilled care to promote recovery from specific remediable deficits.
because insufficient sleep "represents one of the most common, important, and potentially remediable health risks in children, particularly in the adolescent population for whom chronic loss has increasingly become the norm," according to a policy statement from the American Academy of Pediatrics.
But it added: "It is the panel's view that your actions are potentially remediable and that you should be given a chance to achieve that remediation."
El autor ha sabido ver el sentido existencial en su positividad, abocada empero al limite de una negatividad irremediable realmente, aunque remediable surrealmente, o sea, simbolicamente.
Insurers can use Risk Engineering Utility to identify three remediable deficiencies in a building that drive the loss cost and quotes.
L'objectif vise etant d'envisager une issue de sortie face a l'impasse inedite mondiale dont les antecedents sont a la fois securitaire, economique, politique, demographique, mais qui reste remediable.
Several single-nucleotide polymorphisms, in which the variant amino acid reduces coenzyme binding and thus enzymatic activity, are likely to be remediable by raising cellular concentrations of the cofactor through high-dose vitamin therapy.
In making its decision, the committee said: "The committee was of the view that Ms Bester's dishonesty, her disregard of the expectations placed on her as a professional and her failure to engage with the GDC is misconduct that is not easily remediable.