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They properly point to key market institutions as a (partial) protection against (certain kinds of) remediable path dependence.
Consider the potentially remediable risk factors for osteopenia.
Studies show that remediable information gaps are present in one-third of ED visits and are more common in sicker patients.
Orders to market for the provision of services in execution on behalf of public power, storage, cleaning, disinfection, insect and rodent control, in buildings, homes or private lanes struck by a prefectural decree of unhealthiness or remediable health emergency, occupied site or not.
Professor Thomson supported the case for improvements to be made in vision screening, presenting evidence that eye problems among children are common (10-20%), usually remediable and have the potential to affect children's all-round progress.
Treatment should focus initially on remediable factors outside the lower urinary tract, such as infections, medication, or functional factors that limit the patient's ability to get to the bathroom in time.
In other words, the fact that false beliefs are prevalent in a culture does not mean that they are not remediable.
Feldman argues there would be nothing left of the book; Schorske disagrees: "The defects in David's book are glaring and inexcusable, but they are remediable and without any substantial impact on the unfolding economic and political analysis.
Design-Time Policy Management - Architecting and implementing a robust and flexible Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) requires the capability to manage interactions between services based on declarative and remediable policies.
Complete lipid profiling should follow overnight fasting whenever possible, and remediable, secondary causes of dyslipidemia should be identified when possible.
The thoughtful reader will surely wish to ponder whether the problems stem from remediable defects in Steinbock' approach, or from deeper - perhaps less tractable - sources.
Explore the reality that a very large percentage of these weaknesses/deficiencies may be remediable and that there is a high probability that the system will experience a one-time bulge of adverse opinions that will not be repeated on a going forward basis.