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Children's products makers must also maintain a remedial action plan for samples that fail and perform new certification testing for any products that have undergone "any change in the product's design, manufacturing process or sourcing of component parts, that a manufacturer using due care knows, or should know, could affect the product's ability to comply with applicable rules, bans, standards, or regulations.
Although the law has set no minimal standard for meeting this requirement, basic tenets of remedial/developmental instruction suggest that, at minimum, students should be informed in advance of the required procedures, the expected outcomes, and the allowable time for completion of a remedial action plan (Cassaza & Silverman, 1996).
Fees to outside engineering and consulting firms for site investigations and development of remedial action plans and remedial designs;
Such an example was the attempted development of a Remedial Action Plan that was stymied by the state of Michigan's development of RAPs without public input (Becker 1993).
This study examines the potential of the accomplishments of the Maumee Remedial Action Plan (RAP) and other watershed-related projects to provide a foundation for even more integrated management among the large number of jurisdictions and groups in the Maumee watershed.
The IJC requested that a remedial action plan (RAP) identify the problems and provide a comprehensive basinwide approach to restore water quality.
In 2003, the EPA designated the "Friends of the Buffalo Niagara Rivers" as the Buffalo River Remedial Action Plan coordinator.
The QFC Regulatory Authority has accepted an enforceable undertaking from The Royal Bank of Sctoland (RBS QFC) to establish a remedial action plan to ensure future compliance with its training and competency requirements.
They said the proposed remedial action plan includes excavation and off-site disposal of on-site shallow contaminated soils which exceed guidance limits.
The company is awaiting the Record of Decision (ROD) on the Grasse River that is in line with the Proposed Remedial Action plan issued by the Environmental Protection Agency last fall.
The water utility is moving forward with its remedial action plan, which was approved by the DTSC in the last month or two.

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