remedial measure

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Men of his sensitive organisation are fortunately quick in feeling the effect of remedial measures.
proposals changing the technical details of a remedial measure already imposed, without these changes having a known impact on the market (annual costs update, appraisals of accounting models, review and provision period); and 4.
The recall constitutes a subsequent remedial measure that should be excluded as a matter of law.
A civil penalty imposed to encourage prompt compliance with law, or as a remedial measure to compensate a third party for expenses resulting from the violation, does not serve the same purpose as a criminal fine and is outside of Sec.
A party should feel confident that it can repair a dangerous condition without the concern that the remedial measure will be admitted as an admission of liability.
At common law, evidence of a subsequent remedial measure was not admissible in negligence actions for the purposes of establishing a party's negligence.
In the technologies sector, the reference time is two months, "we cannot wait four years or even more for a court to decide on whether a remedial measure should be applied," believes the commissioner.
But if it does not agree with the analyses, the Commission cannot impose another remedial measure.
Lot 1: Groundwater and soil gas analyzes from the monitoring system and the groundwater monitoring program of 2 CHC and a PAH remedial measure taken in Kassel, Fulda valley-Ihringshausen and EdermE-nde-Grifte and soil analysis in the context of soil remediation in the project EdermE-nde-Grifte.
Remedial measure with individual independent measures, extent 100 m dismantling pipes DN 15 - 50, 30 m dismantling pipes DN 100 - 200, 15 St dismantling valves DN 15 - 50, 6 St dismantling heating surfaces, 3 St heaters, 4 pc installation of control groups for RLT , 150 m steel piping with insulation DN 15 - 50, 210 m steel piping with insulation DN 100 - 125, 40 St installing fittings DN 15 - 125
The authorities concerned must take remedial measures to tackle the problem at the earliest.
May I point out to her once again that there are five remedial measures drawn up by the council on how to treat grave stones when exercising the topple testing of which I quoted in my letter.

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