remedial measure

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Men of his sensitive organisation are fortunately quick in feeling the effect of remedial measures.
A civil penalty imposed to encourage prompt compliance with law, or as a remedial measure to compensate a third party for expenses resulting from the violation, does not serve the same purpose as a criminal fine and is outside of Sec.
A party should feel confident that it can repair a dangerous condition without the concern that the remedial measure will be admitted as an admission of liability.
Lot 1: Groundwater and soil gas analyzes from the monitoring system and the groundwater monitoring program of 2 CHC and a PAH remedial measure taken in Kassel, Fulda valley-Ihringshausen and EdermE-nde-Grifte and soil analysis in the context of soil remediation in the project EdermE-nde-Grifte.
Remedial measure with individual independent measures, extent 100 m dismantling pipes DN 15 - 50, 30 m dismantling pipes DN 100 - 200, 15 St dismantling valves DN 15 - 50, 6 St dismantling heating surfaces, 3 St heaters, 4 pc installation of control groups for RLT , 150 m steel piping with insulation DN 15 - 50, 210 m steel piping with insulation DN 100 - 125, 40 St installing fittings DN 15 - 125
Remedial measure with individual independent measures range: 10 m sewer cast DN 50 - 125, 40 m drip line, 1 pc Submersible pumps, 60 St fittings for drinking water DN 15 - 80, 220 m water pipe made of stainless steel with insulation DN 15 - 80, 30 m underground water pipe DN 80, 25 pc boiler, 1 pc WWB as Legiokill system, 1 pc decalcification than Biocat plant
While remedial measures are being looked at, the service is being transferred back to the Beatson along with the hospital's acute leukaemia patients.
The contract is remedial measures on the building No.
RAWALPINDI -- Rawalpindi Chamber of Commerce and Industry (RCCI) on Wednesday highlighted the need for taking immediate remedial measures to check theft and reduction in line losses besides initiating cases in the court of law against defaulters, in power sector.
Global Banking News-December 3, 2014--Polish regulator wants special remedial measures for GE banking unit
Pervez Khattak expressed deep sympathies with the aggrieved families on this horrible accident while asked the local administration and Highway police to ensure proper remedial measures for checking such fatal traffic accidents in future effectively.
When the full details are known, we will be in a position to determine whether remedial measures are required.

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