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I can set to work now to remember things I never remembered before, such as what I had to eat for breakfast this morning, and it can hardly be wholly habit that enables me to do this.
My mind must have been wandering, and yet I remember all that happened, quite distinctly.
Have I had nothing more important to remember, in the great service you rendered me that day?
Remember, Jerry was a nigger-chaser before we got him.
I remember how she saved and scraped for him, and how he always lay abed till ten o'clock.
my heart pant and quiver to remember that I have been a student
I remember a few nights in my lifetime, and in a big ship, too (as big as they made them then), when one did not get flung out of one's bed simply because one never even attempted to get in; one had been made too weary, too hopeless, to try.
Elton was sitting here, I remember, much about where I am now.
For know that I remember only the things I saw myself, with my own eyes, in those prehistoric days.
I kin remember when her two feet was no bigger dan yer t'umb, and she weared worsted boots," moaned she.
I suppose you don't remember them in the least," said Mrs.
I remember now that Dick once mentioned casually that he had a cousin in Nova Scotia who looked as much like him as a twin; but the thing had gone out of my memory, and in any case I would never have thought it of any importance.