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As Fussell argues, "By applying to the past a paradigm of ironic action, a rememberer is enabled to locate, draw forth, and finally shape into significance an event or a moment which otherwise would merge without meaning into the general undifferentiated stream" (30).
It is likely, then, that effects of early memories about special education students can be seen as the rememberer gets older.
The [emphasis of American folk music] is on the solo song rememberer and his silent audience," and I thought of Ashbery.
In this approach the rememberer is seen to have a more active role in determining the correspondence between what is encoded and remembered and the events that actually occurred.
According to the poet, "in the intricate dialectics of human living, looking back is looking forward; the visionary artist is not only a rememberer, he is also a reminder" (The Eye of the Earth xii).
6) In a certain sense it seems to suggest that landscape is a frozen scene, a set of bookmarks that waits for the rememberer.