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It is likely, then, that effects of early memories about special education students can be seen as the rememberer gets older.
Rep on the road: Writer and performer Kenny Baraka in his show The Rememberers.
Metacognitive processes are processes that operate on one's own cognitive processes-for example, one's ability to monitoring the accuracy of the information that comes to mind when trying to recall an event, and on that basis deciding whether to report the information (answer the question) or instead respond "don't know" Metacognitive processes play a critical role in both learning and remembering, emphasizing the active role of the rememberer in determining the quality of what is remembered.
Pierre Nora likens the lieu de memoire to a tomb, characterized by a fluctuation on the part of the rememberer (or forgetter, as the case may be) between a movement towards and a renunciation or movement away: "Les lieux de memoire, ce sont d'abord des restes.
Rememberers and remembrances: Fostering connections with intergenerational interviewing.
When William Duvall treats this episode briefly as he peruses the list of rememberers in the Camusian oeuvre, he concludes that Meursault's remembering activity is meaningless.
You hearers, seers, imaginers, thinkers, rememberers, you prophets called to communicate truths of the living way .
fleeting is carved in stone across the gut: I can't float or heave it out: it has become a foundation: whatever is now passes like early snow on a warm boulder: but the boulder over and over is revealed, its gritty size and weight a glare: rememberers of loveliness, ruddy glees, how you cling to memory, while haunted others sweat and wring out the nights and haste about stricken through the days:
The memory of a man or a woman did not merely persevere against the erosion of time, but actively exhorted viewers and rememberers to the pursuit of virtue.
It is no wonder that the book begins with a classical (archaic, Greek, Roman, medieval) schema of the "positive attributes rememberers were said to possess," namely, piety, ethics, character, spirituality, and creativity (25-30).