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If drug war operations will be returned to PNP, (I) would like to remind them that the words of strong support by the President is not a license for them to go on a killing spree,' Ejercito said.
Remind will use the investment to expand its platform globally, grow its product and engineering teams and scale its community, it said in a statement.
Remind Technologies is opening the registration on June 16, 2014 for its initial Beta launch Software.
The kitman knows a lot of people in the town who remind him and he keeps reminding us of it.
Commissioner Lancaster also sent a warning letter to members of the sign industry to remind them of the law and inform them of the Department's efforts to step up its enforcement regarding illegal signs on sheds.
Wads of gum we snip from hair, petrified graham crackers we find under cushions of the couch, remind us that our children have more than enough to eat.
Again though, as Teresa and the author both remind us: along the path to mystical prayer, there is no "quick fix" (or dry-eyed locutions), only the "gift of tears.
But it also reminds me not to rely on lazy prejudices: Los Angeles is no longer just charming ticky-tacky but becoming now a serious city; serious architects whose mannerisms are not yours can, on form, remind you why others bother with them; and all those chirpy transport officials, overtly surprised and pleased to be in a quality building, are merely getting a little bit of the payoff that architecture was supposed to be about: namely, delight.
TRADING standards officers will be at locations throughout the city this week to remind elderly and vulnerable people how to stay safe from conmen and burglars.
Noticing the time, I remind myself that I must get the debriefing notes to the fire marshal and dash off for the fire station.
The bizarre villains remind me of Grant Morrison's run on Doom Patrol, and the quirky characters remind me of James Robinson's Starman, a series notable for the number of times its main character gets beat up.