remind oneself

See: remember
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The flashback rolls to a scene where Hany is shown sleeping under his bed--a Salafist notion to remind oneself of the torture of the tomb.
In more realistic terms and to gain a feel of the real world, it would help to remind oneself that the study of neuroscience and degenerative diseases gives some solutions in the domain of neuropsychiatry.
The sacrifice, which is a tradition followed to remind oneself of the importance of wordly renounciation and abnegation, involves a halal domestic animal like goat or sheep, whose meat is distributed among people.
One struggles to keep fighting, to remind oneself that emotions won't help the nation one is serving.
He urged everyone present to dream big and constantly remind oneself that we are born for a definitive purpose.
It is sometimes liberating to remind oneself that within each of the six color schemes, there are virtually endless possibilities for all kinds of artwork
On the other hand, one ought to remind oneself that there are far more things to be said about Braxton's music than can ever be said within a single book.
But Joanna is no longer a teen, and following her exploits can be a mind-bending experience as one must remind oneself that these are the words, acts, and obsessions of a forty-five-year-old woman.
One has to remind oneself every three or four pages that the supposed subject is plays--professional entertainments and works of art conceived by dramatists to move and please audiences.