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So the first thing we learned is that the reminder has to be made to pop up on the screen of the correct person.
These individuals were randomly assigned to either receive a savings reminder or not.
YaadiT - the recalling genie isn't just about birthdays and anniversaries reminders, it is customizable task reminder solution for anything you want to remind yourself about.
We have developed an SMS reminder system with Cyta.
The new website becomes available to motorists at a time when other mandatory vehicle requirements such as road tax (vehicle excise duty) and car insurance already provide drivers with reminders via the Government and insurance companies.
with the weather and a reminder to apply sunscreen.
Time to use text reminders in genitourinary medicine clinics.
According to the company, the appointment reminder service enables clients to have their appointments automatically confirmed, as well as reminders sent via SMS and e-mails.
Not just setting ourselves personal goals but also reminders to do all those things we, probably, swore we would do last year.
Being green is also a reminder of spring and the renewal of life - our lives and the earth's life in the springtime.
The unprecedented volume of donations made it difficult for us to issue receipts immediately; similarly, we did not account for the growing number of readers who donated online when we sent out reminder letters about the appeal in November.
Four years before Stonewall, ,at Independence Hall on July 4, 1965, Gittings was among a group of pioneering gay and lesbian picketers who held the first Reminder Day, which according to Gittings was meant to "remind the public that there was still a sizable segment of the American people that were not benefiting from the promises in our founding fathers' document.