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To assign a reminder, you need to say to your Assistant, "Hey Google, remind Pikachu to make funny faces at 8pm." Once you have assigned a reminder, you can check it with simple commands like "Hey Google, show me my reminders for Pikachu." To quickly see which reminders you have assigned to your friend named Pikachu, you can ask, "Het Google, what are my reminders for Pikachu?"
Mohd Nazlan accepted the explanation but proceeded to issue his reminder and warning.
Once you update the Alexa app on your phone and permit it access to location, you will be able to set up routines such as a reminder for taking out the trash when you get back home or turn off the lights when you step out, and so on.
Future designs of such smartphone apps can focus on audience interaction with customized, engaging content, in addition to providing reminders, so that patients do not get reminder fatigue.
Prior studies have demonstrated that reminder notifications improve uptake of antimicrobial stewardship.
Department of Transportation to compel the agency to publish rules on rear-seat-belt reminder systems.
Appraisers can use the app to create to-do lists and set tasks and reminders, and then view those items by category (such as personal or work) or by date, which can be specific or as general as "tomorrow" or "someday."
ISLAMABAD -- Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) Wednesday issued a reminder to electronic media regarding the ban imposed on celebrating Valentine's Day and its promotion.
It was a reminder of Liverpool's own maritime history.
Objective: To evaluate the effect of patient reminder calls on improvement of routine vaccination coverage.
The user basically gave Alexa the voice command on an Echo Dot speaker "Bark, Alexa, set a reminder for 1 second." After 1 second, Alexa responds, "Bark Alexa set a reminder for 1 second" and keeps repeating it.