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Finally, if Mie d'Aghonne did use Rachilde's family situation as a basis for her fiction, it appears she also knew something of Rachilde's adolescent nervous attacks, for in making of her heroine Clotilde a kind of vampire aroused by the sight of blood, the novelist begins by having a doctor figure diagnose in the young woman a split personality that is remindful of Rachilde's sense of a dual consciousness and her propensity to hallucinatory states, described in one of her texts as follows: "Etant jeune fille, [mes reves] avaient une telle intensite que je me demandais souvent si je n'existais pas sous deux formes: ma personnalite vivante et ma personnalite revante.
Cornelius, to you: remindful that you used to dwell on my scantlings as something great, in that time when one solitary Italian 5 you dared ransack all the ages in three-- Jupiter
This blending is remindful of another well-known reader's commonsensical conflation of history and poetry.
Present was a more melodious, soulful sound remindful of Start Getz.
One is remindful in your editorial that if Ahenakew believed what he said, 50 years in jail wouldn't change his mind.
Psalm8 says: ``When I consider your heavens and the work of your fingers, the moon and the stars, which you have set in place, what is man that you a remindful of him, the son of man that you care for him?
It is remindful of Justice Potter Stewart's famous means of identifying "hard-core pornography": "I know it when I see it.
It is more remindful of the line from Shakespeare's Richard II: "For God's sake, let us sit upon the ground"--which would appear to be a sensible suggestion.
For Akassa is in addition remindful of traditional worldwide storytelling in that its details may be quite well known to the "locals," to whom the play acts as an affirmation, but what about the rest of humankind?
For the scholar, who is given no indication of the number and kind of letters exchanged in these intervals, these are frustrating gaps remindful of one of James's own comments regarding the publication of his friend Robert Louis Stevenson's correspondence: 'one smells the thing unprinted'.
Fruit flavors were also spotlighted by Bahlsen in its new Apple and Raspberry Crumbles, which are remindful of individual fruit-filled pastries.
Turkish foreign policy attitudes towards Jerusalem have been remindful of an amnesiac who recovers to consciousness from time to time, and foreign policy makers have even sometimes acted as if they were 'Ottomans'.