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If one needed any reminding of protectionist risks, one only need look to the strong support Chuck Schummer (D-NY) receives in the U.
A lively collection of essays presenting a lively collection of readings, Russ McDonald's Shakespeare Reread reminds us - as if we need reminding, and we do - that we all read in different ways, and that some of those ways are riveting.
Police are also reminding retailers to buy their stock from a reputable source and store fireworks safely.
have brought a sustained level of inventiveness and passion to these movies, reminding Hollywood that great films can only come from taking great risks.
A departure from traditional anti-DUI messaging that asks viewers to designate a driver, the new spot challenges those that may feel detached from the possibility of ever becoming a DUI offender, reminding viewers that "a few drinks and a car can make you a killer.
Even better, these books on the church's central sacrament of unity come from Catholics and Protestants alike, reminding us of the full communion to which this sacrament summons the whole body of Christ.
Our Gospel, reminding us of when the Pharisees asked Jesus to "tell it to them plainly," offers additional gifts of the Spirit.
And lest we need further reminding, it also reminds us that there are more Attas out there.
This motivational and inspirational volume attempts to give a twist to the old saying "a dog is man's best friend" by reminding readers that God is their best friend.
Some crosses portray the anguish of Jesus in unflinching detail, reminding us that God is no stranger to our suffering; while others hold the deceased Christ, eyes closed and head bowed, a silent witness to the beautiful words of John's gospel: "For God so loved the world that he gave his only Son, so that whoever believes in him might not perish but have eternal life" (John 3:16).
We're not asking for money; we're not reminding them of events,'' Hoffman said.