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This Dialogue contains the first intimation of the doctrine of reminiscence and of the immortality of the soul.
The doctrine of reminiscence too is explained more in accordance with fact and experience as arising out of the affinities of nature (ate tes thuseos oles suggenous ouses).
The main character of the Dialogue is Socrates; but to the 'general definitions' of Socrates is added the Platonic doctrine of reminiscence.
Captain Jim's visit to his old friend had revived many recollections and he was now in the full tide of reminiscences.
In ordinary cases, this indescribable impression is caused by the comparison and contrast between our imperfect reminiscences and the reality.
Cotton Mather had several conversations with me, and derived great benefit from my historical reminiscences.
There were, no doubt, mingled with these reflections, the keenest reminiscences of home and distant friends.
And when such as had come in contact with Strickland in the past, writers who had known him in London, painters who had met him in the cafes of Montmartre, discovered to their amazement that where they had seen but an unsuccessful artist, like another, authentic genius had rubbed shoulders with them there began to appear in the magazines of France and America a succession of articles, the reminiscences of one, the appreciation of another, which added to Strickland's notoriety, and fed without satisfying the curiosity of the public.
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