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For those who want to use Reminiscence Therapy with their family member suffering from Alzheimer's, they will need to take all those old photos and videos and have them converted into a usable format.
Reminiscence therapy involves the recall of events in a person's life.
Alternative treatments such as music therapy, aromatherapy and reminiscence therapy may be helpful to some people.
Many of Bupa's 246 care homes practice reminiscence therapy with older residents as a way of sharing common or similar experiences and getting to know and understand people better.
In addition to these direct benefits, the massage therapist often incorporates reminiscence therapy or music therapy as part of the overall experience.
Many of the therapies with adequate research support to be considered "Well established" or "probably efficacious" are cognitive-behavioral, but the lists also include brief psychodynamic therapy, and a narrative reminiscence therapy for elders.
9] Reminiscence therapy should be employed in the earlier stages.