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The first ten verses, here, are reminiscent of "War and Warriors" and of "The Flies in the Market-Place.
The time we bought God's picture from Jerry Cowan--the time Dan ate the poison berries--the time we heard the ghostly bell ring--the bewitchment of Paddy--the visit of the Governor's wife--and the night we were lost in the storm--all awaken reminiscent jest and laughter; but none more than the recollection of the Sunday Peg Bowen came to church and sat in our pew.
The room rang with her reminiscent laughter, Bill supplying a bass accompaniment.
With a soft reminiscent sigh suggestive of bygone joys that may be tasted in their freshness but once.
Two wards also have indoor reminiscent gardens, offering relaxing areas for people with dementia to relieve their anxiety.
JARDIN DE JADE, Block A, 2558 Yan'an Road West, LOOK beyond the grandiose interior, reminiscent of a flashy Las Vegas hotel, because the food on offer here is first class.
Weigh up these three kitchen essentials to see which best adds style to your home Weigh up these three kitchen essentials to see which best adds style to your home Garden Trading Set of Kitchen Scales, in Flint PS20, John Lewis AN attractive set of scales that are reminiscent of those seen in traditional greengrocers.
Killer Queen by Katy Perry ($59), from Coty, combines what's called a "bewitching" fragrance with a bottle reminiscent of royalty.
Influenced by his clothing range, Paul Costelloe's new styles are reminiscent of the popular television show, Mad Men.
embassies in the Middle East is the most serious in years and the "chatter" among suspected terrorists is reminiscent of what preceded the September 11 attacks, a U.
Summary: Australia produced a bowling display reminiscent of the side`s era of dominance as they swept India aside to secure a 122-run victory.
Summary: The struggle between residents of the Metn town of Mansourieh and the government over a project to install high-tension electricity lines is reminiscent of popular uprisings in the Arab world, according to former Social Affairs Minister Salim Sayegh.