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The first ten verses, here, are reminiscent of "War and Warriors" and of "The Flies in the Market-Place." Verses 11 and 12, however, are particularly important.
Somehow or other, these spring flowers, stiffly set out and with shrivelled edges--a little reminiscent of the last east wind--still seemed to him, in their perfume at any rate, to being him memories of his own country.
The time we bought God's picture from Jerry Cowan--the time Dan ate the poison berries--the time we heard the ghostly bell ring--the bewitchment of Paddy--the visit of the Governor's wife--and the night we were lost in the storm--all awaken reminiscent jest and laughter; but none more than the recollection of the Sunday Peg Bowen came to church and sat in our pew.
33 ff.), which is reminiscent of Herbart's "Zusammen." I think the relation may be called simply "simultaneity." It might be said that at any moment all sorts of things that are not part of my experience are happening in the world, and that therefore the relation we are seeking to define cannot be merely simultaneity.
"That's right, too." Mary shuddered with reminiscent fear.
The room rang with her reminiscent laughter, Bill supplying a bass accompaniment.
(With a soft reminiscent sigh suggestive of bygone joys that may be tasted in their freshness but once.) Ah, I know what it is to you.
They bonded one end of each 32-nanometer-long polymer to a gold-coated silicon wafer, which created a microstructure reminiscent of a toothbrush with 100 molecular bristles.
When construction is fully complete Grand Beekman will feature an outdoor garden, reminiscent of European design with lush greenery and fountains.
A virtuoso of the bungle, Peter Land aims for a sense of stand-up folly reminiscent of early Gilbert & George, Bas Jan Ader, and Martin Kersels--or, for that matter, the physical comedy of Buster Keaton.
Juxtaposed to somewhat romanticized accounts of life's lessons imparted as stern pearls of barbershop wisdom, the methodological approach of "the 100 way"--with its emphasis on higher education and upper-middle-class ideals of cultural refinement--opens a can of class-conscious worms reminiscent of the Talented Tenth versus the vocational bootstraps debate between W.
Louis and his costume designer, Frank Garcia, took their cues from simple drawings and evoked worlds reminiscent of a favorite children's story.