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Previous research has found parents reminiscing with their kids enables them to interpret experiences and weave together the past, present and future.
Dallas legends Larry Hagman, Patrick Duffy and Linda Gray stepped out for the UK launch of the hit US soap opera and they have been reminiscing about old times.
Wendy Bates, head of local fundraising in the North East, said: "Recipe for ChildLine is a really great initiative to get families reminiscing and spending time together, while also helping vulnerable children and young people.
Listen up all you old farts, reminiscing about the glory days and how you used to rip the classic spots with the top pros "back in the day.
Reminiscing in Tempo: A Portrait of Duke Ellington.
Robert Kimball and William Bolcolm, Reminiscing With Sissle and Blake, New York, Viking Press, 2000, ISBN 0-815-41045-X
Back on the home front, cigar-puffing TONY ROPER was reminiscing with members of the Tartan Army at Hampden as they saw their best snaps hung in the Hall of Fame.
By the end of the song, Future Bible Heroes will have you reminiscing about Desperately Seeking Susan and kicking yourself for throwing out that black mesh tank top and those black rubber bangles.
And while reminiscing might be good for the sould, it really has little or no place in business.
Not to mention their adventures on the ski slopes in Snowmass; in a balcony at the movies in Manhattan; and endless afternoons reminiscing over Lucy's beloved custom-made backgammon tables.
The primary objective of Zaman's study was to compare the reminiscing styles of mothers and fathers with their pre-school daughters and sons.
Summary: The Duke of York has been reminiscing about his days in the Royal Navy amid intense scrutiny over his role as Britain's trade envoy.