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Naming your property has a value and I think any chief executive would be remiss not to take advantage of he naming rights option or to at least consider it.
But we would be remiss if we fail to support the interest that people have demonstrated.
WE'D BE REMISS if we didn't point readers to a blog here in the Summit Business Media suite of products.
It's not often that praise is expressed for the local authority but I believe it would have been remiss of me not to do so, particularly in these austere times.
Citigroup Japan was remiss in its reports from December 2008 to September 2009, the FSA said.
I would be remiss then, if I did not also say thank you too the dogged efforts of all ammo manufacturers, for their Herculean efforts in these trying days of supply and demand.
IT WOULD be remiss of me not to mention the ipad, with it being such a big talking point at the moment.
Summary: We are ashamed that it often requires Monday's International Women's Day to direct our attention to the abysmal condition of women's rights in Lebanon, but we would be even more remiss if we did not on this occasion robustly call for the immediate adoption of legislation improving women's rights.
WE'VE BEEN REMISS IN NOT noting the very good news that the boll weevil, a pest that has caused some $20 billion in losses to Arkansas cotton farmers over the past century, has finally been eradicated.
The council felt we'd be remiss not to acknowledge this travesty," said Medill senior Shari Weiss, a member of the Medill Undergraduate Student Advisory Council.
But I would be remiss if I didn't highlight the new relationship that has been formed with the parents of our patients with special health care needs.
Call me remiss, I want to call the ambiguous mountain, mountain.