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Extinguishment or release of a debt.

A remission is conventional when it comes about through an express grant to the debtor by a creditor. It is tacit when the creditor makes a voluntary surrender of the original title to the debtor under private signature constituting the obligation.

The term remission is also used in reference to the forgiveness or condonation of an injury or offense, or the act through which a Forfeiture or penalty is forgiven.


noun abatement, absolution, acquittal, allayment, alleviation, amnesty, assuagement, break, cancellation, cessation, check, clearance, condonation, decrease, diminution, discharge, discontinuance, exemption, exoneration, forbearance, forgiveness, grace, halt, indulgence, intermission, interruption, interval, lapse, lessening, letup, liberation, lull, mitigation, modulation, pardon, pause, quietus, quittance, recess, reduction, relaxation, release, relief, relinquishment, remissio, reprieve, respite, rest, standstill, stay, stop, stoppage, subsidence, suspense, suspension, tranquilization, venia
See also: absolution, acquittal, cessation, collection, diminution, discontinuance, exoneration, halt, lull, pause, payment, release, relief

REMISSION, civil law. A release.
     2. The remission of the debt is either conventional, when it is expressly granted to the debtor by a creditor having a capacity to alienate; or tacit, when the creditor voluntarily surrenders to his debtor the original title under private signature constituting the obligation. Civ. Code of Lo. art. 2195.
     3. By remission is also understood a forgiveness or pardon of an offence. It has the effect of putting back the offender into the same situation he was before the commission of the offence. Remission is generally granted in cases where the offence was involuntary, or committed in self defence. Poth. Pr. Civ. sec t. 7, art. 2, Sec. 2.
     4. Remission is also used by common lawyers to express the act by which a forfeiture or penalty is forgiven. 10 Wheat. 246.

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