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Remittent fever is usual, sometimes as high as 104[degrees]F; the fever terminates after one to six weeks (Chin, 2000).
You can access prior-day and same-day balance information, make electronic payments, view lockbox remittent detail (including imaging of envelopes and any correspondence), and on the payable side control disbursement and see imaging," Morgan says.
The letters are vivid and detailed, particularly those written while he was a 'supercargo', the man at the coal face of the labour trade, and give artless descriptions of his life of loneliness, threats, casual violence and remittent fever.
Part of the problem was that doctors and patients alike were confused by the fact that malaria, cholera, yellow fever, and other common illnesses like bilious remittent fever and intermittent autumnal fever had similar symptoms.
In November, poor darling Sabina was seized with a remittent fever, which came on suddenly', Georgiana Molloy wrote in 1834: