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To transmit or send. To relinquish or surrender, such as in the case of a fine, punishment, or sentence.

An individual, for example, might remit money to pay bills.

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the transfer of a case from one court or jurisdiction to another.
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TO REMIT. To annul a fine or forfeiture.
     2. This is generally done by the courts where they have a discretion by law: as, for example, when a juror is fined for nonattendance in court, after being duly summoned and, on appearing, he produces evidence to the court that he was sick and unable to attend, the fine will be remitted by the court.
     3. In commercial law, to remit is to send money, bills, or something which will answer the purpose of money.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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It still remains elusive how homocysteine increases the S100B serum levels, since in our findings, the elevation of S100B in remitters to ECT was mild and can therefore alternatively be interpreted as a regeneration process.
Given the notable number of account closures and the decline in banks offering services to remitters, the lack of impact as reflected in AUSTRAC data is not easy to explain.
The scale of remittances is more remarkable when one considers the humble origins of most of the remitters. They are mostly ignored by Indian media, which celebrates policies ensuring higher FDI flow and praises jet-setting foreign investors for choosing India as their destination.
Early remitters had significantly better performance in baseline cognitive (global and executive domains and processing speed) and functional assessments than late remitters.
As the construction boom slowed down, so too did the number of construction workers (who constitute for a large percentage of remitters) working in the UAE.
"This sea change in the approach is being manifested here today when we are launching Pakistan Remittance Initiative with a view to discharge government responsibility to provide safe, cheap, and efficient remittance delivery channels to overseas Pakistanis to send their funds back home,' 1 he said and added that the real motivation is not the collection of additional foreign exchange rather to provide for facilitation to the remitters and their families back home.
But it is a beginning--immigrant customers have opened up a dialogue with a company that will in all likelihood soon become a member of the largest money remitter, First Data.
The robust performance of our Rupee Mini Futures in particular is of note, with its increasing liquidity and depth of market, it is testament to the smaller sized contract's ability to enable retail remitters, individual investors and SMEs to cost-effectively manage their currency risk."
However, Pakistan admitted that illegal money remitters, known as money/value transfer services (MVTS), were a significant threat to money laundering and terrorism financing.
I-Remit, the largest Filipino-owned non-bank remittance service provider, disclosed to the Philippine Stock Exchange that under the agreement, remitters and beneficiaries will enjoy online shopping experience at Lazada.
The firm said that it would offer a remittance service between Qatar-based Commercial Bank for remitters and the Philippines National Bank (PNB) for beneficiaries.