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Remnants of human dead, half devoured by prowling hyenas and others of the carnivora which infested the region, lay rotting upon the ground, and among the corpses remained sufficient remnants of their clothing and ornaments to make clear to Basuli the frightful story of the disaster that had befallen his master's house.
Remnant common bile duct calculi were detected in one patient and this patient underwent endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography one month after surgery.
Calculated remnant cholesterol was nonfasting total cholesterol minus LDL and HDL cholesterol.
As pointed out in previous studies, this orientation is about 50 degrees away from the direction expected if the pulsar was moving away from the center of the supernova remnant in a straight line.
A gallbladder remnant is sometimes left behind at the time of the initial operation, usually where partial cholecystectomy has been performed in difficult Calot's triangle, where the anatomy may be distorted by recurrent episodes of inflammation, adhesions or bleeding.
This galaxy is millions of light years away, and each remnant can be as little as a few light years across.
The light from the explosion reached Earth a few hundred years ago, so we are seeing the stellar remnant when it was fresh and young.
The “A Remnant Surprise Party” begins with Vanessa Roam welcoming the children with a quick, individualized activity, before she reads the illustrated story.
So an impression of a variant of OMD remnant and possibly omphalomesenteric cyst was made.
Thyrogen is used before radioiodine treatment to avoid temporarily discontinuing thyroid replacement therapy for postoperative thyroid remnant ablation.
The major factors adversely influencing ground stability have been identified as: underground roof strata deposition including sandstone intrusions, stream valley influence, overburden depth, and the dominant factor being the seam interaction caused by remnant pillars/gob in the Pittsburgh No.
To be noted that three Palestinians Sunday sustained moderate injuries when an remnant object of the Israeli army exploded in Khuza'a, a town east of Khan Younis in Gaza, according to local sources.