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Together with Hari Reddi of Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, he has literally remolded soft tissue into firm bone.
The thermo elastic BITEM Product Line is a new age plastic (acrylic) product with a memory which can be polymerized with a choice of rigidities from hard to soft which can be fabricated in a mold to a specific and stable form and which can be repeatedly remolded by the application of heat (120 degrees Fahrenheit - 200 degrees Fahrenheit) or returned to its original configuration with the same application of heat.
Who else could imagine, not to mention give material form to, what might happen, say, if Barbie and Ken were stripped bare at the toy factory and, with their grown-up genitals revealed to each other and to us, ended up remolded forever in a shocking plastic copulation?
Tacked on the bulletin board in the Hollywood Park racing office is an ad for beachside living space in a ``newly remolded hotel.
In 1984 Main Seneca Corporation acquired the historic Dennis Building at 251 Main and remolded it into an office building.