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Dynamic triaxial tests of remolded red clay samples
The remolded soil sample used was obtained from an area adjacent to the interurban railway connecting Wuhan and Xianning.
Applied dynamic load amplitude must remain static to comprehensively analyze the developmental accumulated plastic strain and dynamic strength of remolded red clay under varying long term cyclic loads.
Dynamic strength variation on remolded red clay samples under diverse conditions are presented in Figures 8-11.
Overall, varying load histories demonstrated a marked impact on the dynamic strength of remolded red clays.
In the case of stiff remolded red clays, the development pattern of [epsilon]p may also be effectively retarded, due to the combination of compaction over a short time and a significant vibration frequency.
sigma]cr is influenced to varying degrees by diverse loading histories; parametric associations exist between measured compactness, confining pressure, consolidation ratio, vibration frequency and critical dynamic strength of the remolded red clay samples tested in the current study.
Several dynamic triaxial tests were carried out on remolded red clays under varying load histories, thus permitting examination of the effects of dynamic stress and different load histories on the dynamic properties of these subgrade materials.
1) Load records were shown to directly influence the dynamic properties of remolded red clays, with diverse load histories exhibiting equally different levels of influence.
Based on analyses of the effects of varying load histories on the dynamic characteristics of remolded red clay, an empirical equation for relating critical dynamic strength to these load records has been developed and presented; this may be utilized for future engineering applications.