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In contrast to the mutual toleration that the Remonstrant leaders Johan Wtenbogaert and Simon Episcopius, like the Mennonite Twisck, had offered their theological opponents, the king and the Contra-Remonstrants demanded that the Remonstrants be expelled from the Reformed Church, and that the Belgic Confession and the Acts of the Synod of Dort be compulsory articles of doctrine.
Exiled Remonstrant scholars such as Hugo Grotius and Simon Episcopius could complain about this affront to constitutional law and theorize about the need for religious freedom, but Dutch religious toleration had become at least for the meantime an evanescent, unrealized goal.
First, the difference about predestination between the Remonstrants and the Contra-Remonstrants has to be removed.
Once the conflict between Contra-Remonstrants and Remonstrants was solved, nothing would hinder the unity between Calvinists and Lutherans.
No doubt the withdrawal of the Arian Remonstrant Synod of Ulster in 1829 contributed to the growth of Evangelicalism among Presbyterians in Ulster.
Outsiders include remonstrants and dissidents, such as the sponsors of Charter 77 and those of the Committee to Defend the Unjustly Persecuted.
34) "Catch-all charges such as "disturbing the peace" and "parasitism" resulted in police interrogation and jail time for remonstrants and other nuisances.
56) When the balance of the scales in Kampen tipped in favor of the Contra-Remonstrants, Gualtherus was expelled from the city, along with the other four Remonstrant ministers.
When the (Contra-) Remonstrant dispute split the consistory of Kampen into two parties, Gualtherus became the elder who acted as a "delegate for the party .
According to then Archbishop James Ussher, Samuel Ward had complained that some of the English delegates to the Synod of Dort were acc used of being "half Remonstrants for extending the oblation made to the father to all and for holding sundry effects thereof offered serio and some really communicated to the reprobate" (Lake, 1987, 59).
The fourth Dutch denomination which has subscribed to the Leuenberg Agreement is the Remonstrant Brotherhood.
It was noted earlier that the Remonstrant Brotherhood decided in 1988 to join the process, if only as an observer.