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In 1708, Mandeville published an English translation of a sermon preached at Colchester to the Dutch Congregation by Cornelius Pieter Schrevelius, a minister with Remonstrant sympathies.
To venture outside the cynicism of political science in this regard, we might look at the well-known Czech remonstrant Vaclav Havel for his first-person testimony in "Second Wind" from Open Letters.
Aldegonde, and the Spirit of Bruges: Remonstrant Protestantism?" (245-60) explores the circumstances of the complicated history of the publication of the Psalms of David by Gillis van den Rade in 1580.
Dutch dissenters, largely from Mennonite and Remonstrant churches, continued to plead for religious toleration in their own country.
(43) The law aimed to prevent the establishment of Remonstrant congregations.
Opposing anti- and pro-war fronts linked respectively to the Arminian Remonstrant and Orthodox Counter-Remonstrant religious sects shaped the political climate of the Netherlands during this period.
(10) In letters to the people he counted as friends, Locke showed awareness of these Stoic values (especially as transmitted via Cicero): he assured the Remonstrant theologian, Philip van Limborch (they met in 1684 during Locke's exile in Holland), that 'no one anywhere exists who is readier to fulfil all the duties of friendship (omnia amicitiae officitia)'.
(11) Sonnet 11, 'Of reformation', and 'An apology aginst [...] the remonstrant against Smectymnuus' in The Works of John Milton, ed.
(35.) Richard Overton & William Walwyn, A Remonstrant of Many Thousand Citizens (1646), reprinted in THE ENGLISH LEVELLERS 33, 33 (Andrew Sharp ed., 1998).
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But by the mid-1980s both churches managed to produce a Declaration of Consensus, which was attractive enough to appeal to the Evangelical Lutheran Church in the Kingdom of the Netherlands as well as the Remonstrant Brotherhood (Arminians) to participate in the "Together-on-the-Way" process.
A few years before her demise, she decided that a female emeritus vicar of the Remonstrant Brotherhood would perform the service at her funeral.