remonstrate against

See: decry
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While he lived, he could claim nothing that she would not still be free to remonstrate against, and even to refuse.
Everton players rally round James McCarthy (left) as West Ham players remonstrate against a challenge from the midfielder PICTURE: ACTION IMAGES
She has displayed immense courage by putting her life on the line to remonstrate against the restrictions on her family's rights.
If you are a man you don't do anything to remonstrate against a woman.
TA compulsion to remonstrate against an unacceptable slight on your expectations.
They want him, for instance, to remonstrate against mass consumerism, rampant free enterprise, and the neoconservative agenda for global democratic revolution.
These petitions are placed on tax lots, and they can eliminate a subsequent owner's ability to remonstrate against proposed public improvements.
Mulumba and the Bataka party's unrelenting letters, telegrams, petitions, and slanders did more than just remonstrate against specific British, mission, or elite Baganda practices.
As a yeoman he was not just an in-between man straddling the worlds of gentry and non-gentry alike, but was a forest man, known to produce England's best archers but closely linked to the men who carried the local government at its lowest level, independent-minded and not afraid to remonstrate against royal authority - as happened in Cade's rebellion and the Pilgrimage of Grace.
Regencies were generally periods of weakness, and the parlements sought to exploit the power vacuum by cultivating allies in the regency council, reasserting what they saw as their traditional rights to remonstrate against royal legislation, and defending their property interests as office holders.
Only a few civil libertarians and students of regulation are likely to remonstrate against the FDA's assertion of jurisdiction.