remonstrate with

See: rebuke
References in classic literature ?
The only person, of course, that could remonstrate with telling effect was our captain, himself a man of dare-devil tradition; and really, for me, who knew under whom I was serving, those were impressive scenes.
Socrates proceeds:--Suppose the Laws of Athens to come and remonstrate with him: they will ask 'Why does he seek to overturn them?
Even Mr Dennis, who was not at all particular on the score of gravity or dignity, and who had a great relish for his young friend's eccentric humours, took occasion to remonstrate with him on this imprudent behaviour, which he held to be a species of suicide, tantamount to a man's working himself off without being overtaken by the law, than which he could imagine nothing more ridiculous or impertinent.
1] Are we even in a condition to remonstrate with dignity?
Fortunately, the Managing Committee relieved me of any perplexity on this head, by passing a resolution, one day, which called upon the President to remonstrate with me on my want of proper interest in the affairs of the Institution.
Kohli, in a separate incident, stopped play to approach Australian batsman Steven Smith and remonstrate with him after an lbw appeal off the bowling of Rohit Sharma had been turned down.
He walked back outside to remonstrate with them and gave chase.
Mr Schofield said: "Mrs Sikova approached the defendant to remonstrate with him about what he was doing in public.
Later, her male passenger appeared to remonstrate with him.
Then you would get the little old lady who would rush from her seat and remonstrate with the baddie after he had given her favourite a hard time.
After the Finn race ended, the 34-year-old swam over to the offending boat and hauled himself on board to remonstrate with the crew, leading to his disqualification from races nine and 10, which meant he could no longer win a medal.
WE EACH HAVE OUR POINT St Brigid's Barry Cahill scores as his displeased Summerhill victims remonstrate with each other