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Evren Anil, 23, died after being punched in the face when he remonstrated with them for throwing a half-eaten Lion bar into the car he was in.
The fine is imposed any time a team picks up six or more yellow cards in a match, but United will not face any disciplinary action after a number of players remonstrated with the assistant referee after Tottenham's goal.
Even Charles Kennedy MP is confused, he was remonstrated for smoking whilst hanging out of a train window
Coleman was angered by the decision to allow Pascal Chimbonda's late equaliser and remonstrated with officials after the final whistle.
Witnesses said the man remonstrated with one of the bus drivers after the crash before running towards Priory Square.
As the boyfriend remonstrated with him, Mohammed fled into his house, coming back out swinging a table leg around his head, said Mr Gillette.
On both occasions when I have remonstrated, I have been rewarded with rudeness and ignorant gestures.
But when he remonstrated, he was hauled off to a police station where he was held for two hours.
Detective Superintendent Chris Hobley, whois heading the inquiry, said Mr McGarahan had seen a homeless Lithuanian, who was walking a dog with his girlfriend, assaulted and he remonstrated.
A TEENAGER was pushed to the floor and kicked after she remonstrated with a driver who allegedly nearly reversed into her group of friends.
He is also right to condemn the behaviour of the one lad who struck a frail, grey-haired old lady a glancing blow, then mouthed an obscenity at her when she remonstrated with him.
Souness was sent to the stands during the match by referee Andy D'Urso after he had been annoyed by an incident involving goalkeeper Brad Friedel and remonstrated angrily with fourth official Matt Messias.

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