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However, he affirmed that there had been unprovoked firing from the Indian side in Krishnaghati sector on Pakistani check posts and the Pakistani side retaliated Pakistani authorities condemning this act had proposed a flag meeting which was held on Thursday between the local commanders in which they showed severe remonstration on the violation of cease-fire pact.
The resulting exhibition was diverse in its subjects and eclectic in style, but, like the original etching, it managed to display an overall feeling of uncanny vitality and moral remonstration.
Remonstration was expected by the pro Hazara tribe from Behsud district of Maidan Wardak province on a longstanding dispute with Kuchis over land on which both side claim ownership.
The islanders lock him up in an isolated goat pen and provide minimal subsistence, the stranger accepts without remonstration.
His remonstration was representative of the anti-war movement all over the UK and was a lucid message of condemnation to the foreign policies of Bush and Blair regarding at first Afghanistan, then later Iraq.
diplomatic remonstration was severe and led to another election, which resulted in the victory of the much more palatable Victor Yushchenko.
Chilean ambassador to Venezuela Claudio Huepe was sanctioned with a letter of remonstration from his President, Michelle Bachelet and Foreign Minister Alejandro Foxley, after expressing support for Venezuela's candidacy in a July 19 Chilean newspaper interview.
During the remonstration the worker was manhandled by a senior supervisor who prevented workers from leaving the site after the fire alarm was sounded.
In almost all of these stories, Jesus later resurrects his victims, often after remonstration from Joseph and Mary.
Tamm summed up the resolve of the CRA representatives by saying, "To simply sit back and allow either municipality to take us over, subsequently requiring us to organize a super majority of remonstration, is not in our best interest and hardly a process which enables the citizens to negotiate in good faith and vote affirmatively for their own future.
For example, protest against Pimp Juice, an energy drink promoted by the rapper Nelly, was a mere ripple compared to the tidal wave of remonstration against Ghettopoly.
As she teaches the girl how to clean, how to prepare food properly, and how to behave, the mother punctuates her litany of advice with the remonstration that this guidance will help prevent her from becoming the slut she is so bent on becoming.