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Nasdaq: ZNGA) has been that remora, depending far more on Menlo Park, Calif.
En conclusion, abogamos y proponemos encarecidamente a los distintos profesionales, instituciones y colectivos existentes dentro de la psicologia el establecimiento del compromiso de trabajar juntos en pro del desarrollo armonico de nuestra profesion, aprovechando la oportunidad que actualmente se nos brinda en nuestro pais del desarrollo y la regulacion legal definitiva de la misma en los campos aplicados clinico y sanitario, en lugar de perdernos en rivalidades infructuosas que lejos de ayudarnos pueden convertirse en una remora para el desarrollo futuro de nuestra profesion.
When they enter the republic of letters as authors and book reviewers, they act as remoras to "stay and slug" the ship of learning's progress.
The Art of Limited Rehabilitation: The Shark and the Remora
For example, the remora fish attaches itself to a shark and picks up scraps of food as it moves with the shark.
What better time to acknowledge one of the few original voices that, like a remora, clings to the bottom of the Hollywood system without ever becoming part of it.
ECHENEIDAE the remora family of fishes, which have on top of their heads a sucking disc with which they attach themselves to sharks, ships, etc.
Solution: RemoraCam, in which a fake remora fish, containing a video camera, is mounted on the shark, with a digital screen located inside for the diver.
Three of the plant species--Amaranthus brownii, Pritchardia remora or loulu, and Schiedea verticillata--are found only on the northwestern Hawaiian islands.
Its narrator is a remora, that bony, parasitic fish whose topside front fin evolved into an oval-shaped suction cup and moved onto the fish's head.
double block and (initial) bleed, bi-directionally piggable, fail safe device, operated and monitored entirely via remora control using PSI's proprietary through-wall control and communication system, enabling the operation of the tool anywhere in a pipeline.