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He's extremely sorry and remorseful for what happened, and our colleagues at West Midlands Police have released him with a caution.
Prosecutor Emma Dowling said: "The defendant was arrested and was extremely remorseful in interview and accepted responsibility for the assault.
She did tell me that he feels remorseful about what happened.
Lance needed to look remorseful and repentant and you would see a flicker of a smirk crossing his face, and he didn't mean to do that - it was involuntary.
The judge said he had been convicted after trial but now accepted culpability and was belatedly remorseful.
While Weiner apologized and seemed remorseful, he also said he has no intention of resigning from his position.
Following the kiss between Lois and Rhys on their school trip, a remorseful Lois, below, turns her efforts to her relationship with Huw.
Regardless, research has found that the facial expression of the defendant does impact jury decisions with remorseful defendants being treated more leniently (Bornstein, Rung, & Miller, 2002; Forgas, O'Connor, & Morris, 1983; Robinson, Smith-Lovin, & Tsoudis, 1994; Rumsey, 1976; Savitsky & Sim, 1974) and those who do not show contrition being treated more harshly (Dane & Wrightsman, 1982; Kalven & Zeisel, 1966).
Fossa said the girl who allegedly lighted the fire was remorseful after the incident, which was reported around 12:45 p.
As she believes she delivered the fatal blow to Terrence with a sugar jar, a remorseful Sky settles down to do her time.
Black Bart may have been remorseful about not returning to his family, but if he was remorseful about turning to a life of crime, he never expressed it .
Lunsford describes Woods as the most remorseful inmate he has ever met.