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"He is extremely open and honest, and is terribly remorseful," she said.
"Though the accused has been remorseful and sought court's forgiveness, my hands are tied by the provisions of the law and I therefore sentence him to life imprisonment for the first two counts and 25 years for the third one," said Ms Sudi.
He's not remorseful, because he did nothing wrong." Wyatt also said the comedian was taking care of his health and used to wake up at 3:30 a.m.
I apologise and hope people understand how remorseful I am.
You are remorseful, regretting Sheriff Pettigrew said: "You failed to maintain proper observations and failed to comply with a red signal.
Through his lawyers, Odhiambo said whatever happened cannot be reversed and he is remorseful. His lawyers said Odhiambo can still change and be a useful member of society.
"When being charged, her reply was, 'I apologised - I am deeply f***g remorseful for it'."
Passing sentence on Woodward, who voluntarily suspended her studies at Oxford, Judge Ian Pringle QC said there were "many mitigating features" in her case and that he found she was "genuinely remorseful".
Take the Lenten Season as an opportunity to be truly remorseful of the sins and omissions committed and learn to forgive, Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre II said Thursday.
But Recorder John Thackray told the 52-yearold: "I do not accept that you are remorseful. "If you were remorseful, you would have admitted the offences earlier."
Defence lawyer Gemma Rathey produced several testimonials about her client's character and insisted he was "deeply remorseful".