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Don't I wish they had called me 'the Rabbit,'" said Blockhead Vignale, remorsefully.
Colleagues who were working an early shift were soon on the scene to take the man into custody, where he remorsefully admitted his guilt.
At long last, when he remorsefully made his famous revelation: "I told him to go to the palace as president, while I go to jail as an inmate", (a reference to the little-known, middle rank officer at the time Omer Al-Bashir), Turabi regretfully admitted that he was the designer of the plot against the democratic system.
Two decades is a long time but she never looks back remorsefully.
She was a good-hearted young woman and that she should have brought misfortune to the house of Wong was not a pleasant thought, "If I had only made some enquiries of the Chinese mother as I would have of an American mother before sending in the article, this mightn't have happened," she remorsefully mused.
Remorsefully, tile decorations of building were destroyed during the long years and in particular rapidly since 1950s onwards.
Now, the design of your creation is -- not that you should swill, and guzzle, and associate your enjoyments, brutally, with food;' "Toby thought remorsefully of the tripe; 'but that you should feel the Dignity of Labour.
Remorsefully, I made the agonizing decision to part with all of my traditional bows and a decade's worth of related gear.
They repented, but the moments were lost", he said remorsefully.
In a terrifying suddenness of violence, he brandishes the knife, which he has been holding against his leg, and plunge sit remorsefully into the Lover's chest three times, then turns to his Wife, who stands at the door, smiling) And you, bitch.
24 -- Sri Lanka's star batsman Sanath Jayasuriya strongly and remorsefully reject malicious reports against him and claims that these are sadistic attempts by his political opponents to mutilate his political career.
62) He remorsefully offered, "To our African American citizens, I am sorry that your federal government orchestrated a study so clearly racist.