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regard to remorselessness must necessarily flow from the decision in
In sum, psychopaths lack "internal codes," maintain "unconventional attitudes about ethics and morality," react with callousness and remorselessness, and hold an "egocentric view of the world.
According to a theory of "character retributivism," under which just deserts are a function not merely of one's wrongful acts but also of the state of one's character, repentance demonstrates a better character than does remorselessness.
They will latch on to his size and the stark simplicity of how he goes about his job, the remorselessness of his gallop and the fact you can almost see him saying "call that a fence?
More so than Cassandra, Eliza in "Henry and Eliza" attracts the receptive reader with her supreme self-assurance, unconquerable insouciance, remorselessness, and knack for survival, particularly for escaping punishment.
Typically, remorselessness will dominate, followed by periods of collective rage, almost always directed at groups lower on the social hierarchy.
The soul was saved by the grace of a merciful God, but the law revealed to it the remorselessness of its depravity; and the confrontation with depravity, in turn, inspired thankfulness for the sheer mercy of the grace that brings eternal blessedness to the unworthy.
Pitching back and forth now between the unlined truck door and Peter's shoulder, the remorselessness of his loneliness astonished him.
It is tempting to respond to such defiance and remorselessness with a defiance of one's own.
Song, on the other hand, is no better than he should be--always putting off the murder, out of distaste for killing a boy, but never actually canceling it--and the dog-faced Tang is all too credible in his remorselessness.
The core qualities of Odysseus, his resourcefulness, remorselessness and self-control will unfold, develop and cross-fertilize in the Odyssey.
fear, anxiety, and the terrible remorselessness of the demands of