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For instance, the ReMotion knee joint curves at the top to look natural under clothes, he said.
He'd compiled photos of the ReMotion Knee for the marketing department, worked on a budget for a grant, and helped draft a legal contract.
Punctually the decrease in zooplankton density in this artificial pond was caused by heavy rains that deposited phytoplankton in the bottom and probably caused sediment remotion.
This process continues until one reaches the highest genus from which one "can remove no further determination."(19) Abstraction and analysis thus work together; abstraction does not generate concepts but only removes them from an already complex but confused concept by ignoring the specific difference.(20) It follows that in order to predicate a higher concept (genus) of a lower as in (2) one must have abstracted the genus from the species by remotion.
He traces in it a rhetoric of "oracular inkblots" or of "eternal remotion. Gratified though we readers may think ourselves to be, feeling that we finally understand what our author says, we are deluded, Thoreau informs us.
(68) That which God is, however, is known through remotion and eminence.
Currently, the Maestro total wrist achieves the most favorable functional outcome as compared to other third-generation types (Remotion, Universal 2), and it maybe justified in preserving resection-related carpal height due to its three various carpal heads in combination with its design of ellipsoid surface articulation [43].
Finally, the remotion of immune complex from parasite surface seems tobe important to evade the complement and phagocytosis by opsonisation.
The mere invocation of the names of the great heresies of the past--Arianism, Nestorianism, Eunomianism, Docetism, Eutychianism, to name a few--may tempt us to believe that heresy is now a matter for the historians, and the degrees of remotion from our own setting these names indicate might imply that the whole thing is a dead issue (has anyone called you a "Donatist" recently?).
Remotion of leaf area by herbivores: Significant differences were found in herbivory levels among young leaves produced at the start of the growing season (late November-early December 2000) and mature leaves (t-test, p = 0.04).
"Insofar as it is" means insofar as it fulfills its essence and stands at a higher or lower level of types in the hierarchy of being determined by degrees of "remotion from matter." Each higher level is less restricted in its realization of being by what it is essentially in itself.
In these short paragraphs(25) Aquinas identifies the spiritual substances by remotion from matter and he predicates essentia of them as forms.