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Several incidents over the past year have demonstrated the risk of information loss or theft from USB drives, PDAs, removable hard drives and other media.
With more than 50 years of experience in advancing the performance of removable data storage, we have a clear understanding of what our customers need to protect their data," said James Ellis, vice president, Strategic Growth Programs, Imation.
Manufacturers of removable media typically build their media under rigorous process controls to guarantee that product specifications are met for durability and archival stability.
In his new role, Williamsen will direct all product marketing and management worldwide for RDX[R] solutions, the industry's first removable disk backup and archive technology that provides enterprise-class data protection for small and midsized businesses.
The "hole in the hierarchy," also referred to as the "access gap," is defined as the requirement for high capacity, random access, and removable storage as a result of the need for infrequent access.
SecureWave, a worldwide leader in endpoint security, today announced that Dennis Szerszen, senior vice president, will speak about the evolution of removable media and how to take advantage of this technology while minimizing the security risks during the 16th Annual RSA Conference, February 5-9, 2007 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco.
Today, it is practical to configure the personal computer with a removable hard disk drive as the original disk drive designers at IBM mandated.
com website makes it easy for potential and existing users of removable disk technology to find all the latest updates, FAQs, user guides and product links in one, centralized clearinghouse.
Developed to simplify access to mass storage devices, the patented PFS technology is particularly suitable for drive-letter addressable removable media devices such as tapes, removable hard disks, floppy disks, and CD-R devices.
Ultera's expertise with tape and removable storage made the Mirage Data Recorder the first device that allows companies the freedom to choose disk as the primary recording device with archiving disk data to any conventional tape drive technology.
RDX technology is the new multi-vendor standard in removable disk storage media for backup, archive and portable data applications.
Between them, Samsung and LG introduced 65 new handsets with removable memory card slots in the last nine months, all of them using the microSD slot format," comments Stuart Robinson, Director of the Handset Component Technology service at Strategy Analytics.