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They had concluded that wearing of partially removable dentures were damaging periodontal health in patients whose oral hygiene was less than adequate.
The solution will be to either buy more disks in the form of blades, increase the size of the disks when possible with upgrades or move the data to a next tier solution that is removable.
QUALCOMM's support of the miniSD/SD card interface in their latest generation chipsets will rapidly accelerate the acceptance of removable storage for mobile phones," said Bo Ericsson, vice president, OEM marketing for SanDisk.
In a coextrusion line for barrier films, removable dams would allow one screw in a satellite extruder to run both EVOH and nylon barrier resins.
However, the major factor behind cesium weeping, which accounts for half to two-thirds of the transit-induced removable contamination, "remains elusive," Bennett says.
Manufacturers of removable media typically build their media under rigorous process controls to guarantee that product specifications are met for durability and archival stability.
Keeping inactive disks in a removable storage cell significantly reduces needless energy consumption, becoming a significantly more cost-effective element of the storage hierarchy.
Today, it is practical to configure the personal computer with a removable hard disk drive as the original disk drive designers at IBM mandated.