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The article also contains an adhesive layer on the bottom surface of the liquid-impervious backsheet for removably coupling the body fluids absorbent article to a means for supporting the same against the wearer's body.
The neck and cover portions allow the neck portion to removably attach to the cover portion because their respective portions align.
A release strip is removably secured to the garment adhesive to prevent premature contamination of the adhesive before the absorbent article is secured to an undergarment.
The backsheet is provided with a second fastening means with the first fastening means being removably connected to the second fastening means.
The unitary release member and the flap adhesive of each of the flaps are arranged on each side of the flaps so that at least a portion of the second surface of the unitary release member superposes the flap adhesive and is removably secured when each of the flaps is folded along a fold line located between the flap adhesive and the unitary release member.