remove fear

See: reassure
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'The President may also hint at emergency powers to fast-track infrastructure and reforms, and also call on the COA [Commission on Audit] and Ombudsman to be less repressive to remove fear of action [among government officials],' said Neri.
In his letters to the RSS top brass, Tiwari said considering the "dictatorial approach" of Modi and Shah, which has unleashed fear in the country, it was imperative to have an acceptable and gentle leader like Gadkari, who can take along all viewpoints and friendly parties, evolve consensus and remove fear among people.
He also stressed on the importance of dialogue to resolve differences and conflicts and remove fear among the people.
He said one purpose of the visit was to remove fear of the students regarding police to familiarize them with police services.
He spoke of the need to remove fear from a squad and club used to losing, but also of the need to make supporters proud in more than just footballing terms.
He added: "Our staff are there to provide help to the helpless and to remove fear from the fearful and yet all too often they are being faced with situations which are becoming more serious in nature."
"Positioning data as the next voice for Smartphone users, we are offering an innovative value proposition to remove fear of bill shocks and give international travelers peace of mind.
Designed to remove fear and get educators more involved, these resources range from beginner to expert in a variety of subjects, from coding and programming to mathematics and science.
Our main focus is to remove fear of visiting a police station for registering complaints.
Knowledge can remove fear as a barrier to tackling new markets.' Kubi also participated in the ACCESS/Business Counselling Programme and hopes it will work with her to build the best strategy for the launch of a new line of products into North America.
"We asked them to show leniency to people and strive to remove fear and wrong impression about the commission among members of the society.
But it is also necessary to establish an iron-clad guarantee of some part of the outstanding debt, in order to remove fear of a complete write-down.