remove from office

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The New York Times reported that Catholic Whistleblowers has called on Pope Francis to open the files on abuse cases, void oaths of secrecy, and remove from office any bishops who obstructed justice.
And, unlike BC, we don't have an opportunity to fight back, recall the tax, or remove from office those responsible for its irresponsible implementation.
On the other hand, as Canada Family Action Coalition executive director Brian Rushfeldt vowed at the National Marriage Caucus in Ottawa, even if supporters of traditional marriage lose this vote in Parliament, it will only embolden pro-family Canadians to intensify their efforts to remove from office anti-family MPs so as to ensure a pro-family Parliament overturns the legislation later in time.
events it becomes necessary for Americans to demand that their duly elected representatives impeach and remove from office a president, a decent respect to the opinions of their fellow citizens requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to such a course of action.
The opportunity to appoint Schwarzenegger will only be given to the people of California if they choose to recall or remove from office the current governor, Democrat Gray Davis.