remove misunderstanding

See: resolve, solve
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We hope that the parties concerned can step up communication and negotiation and remove misunderstanding for the sake of long-term cooperation," Hong told a daily news conference.
If) they cannot live with us, they cannot live without us,'' Gillani said, and urged the United States to take steps to remove misunderstanding with Pakistan.
Bhattarai later said here that his party does not harbour anti- India feelings and has held discussions to remove misunderstanding between the Maoists and New Delhi.
He said the unity of candidates by creation of the working team will also remove misunderstanding among candidates and would limit the security threats as well.
The Egyptian envoy proposed the issuance of a statement by the Japanese prime minister or foreign minister to remove misunderstanding.
Al-Sanoosi added that the US must seek to remove misunderstanding with Islamic countries through dialogue and expressed Sudan's readiness to work with the US if the latter "is serious and realistic".
His visit to Kabul and Dawood's tour to Islamabad during the Zia's regime helped remove misunderstanding and misperception between the two sides.
He said that dialogue is the best means to remove misunderstanding between the Islamic Republic of Iran and the European governments.
It would also serve as an occasion to remove misunderstanding about public offices in general," said Prince Turki, who conceptualized the award.
He said that provincial government should remove misunderstanding viz a viz appointment of secretaries for the local governments in the district adding, annulling NTS for the same by the KP government was beyond his understanding.
Meanwhile, JI leader and member of Taliban nominated committee Professor Ibrahim said that the committees reviewed the difficulties in the dialogue and agreed to take steps to remove misunderstanding and speed up the process.
He stressed the need of dialogue and more interaction among various faiths to remove misunderstanding.