remove pollutants

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We also plan to develop phytoremediation and bioremediation strategies to remove pollutants in both soil and water.
Electronic auction: providing services to maintain, preserve and restore the aesthetic operational properties of various surfaces of administrative facilities and territories, remove pollutants in accordance with the needs of the department of the ministry of internal affairs of russia in pyatigorsk
In contrast, trees can effectively remove pollutants from the air, and this may explain why they appear to be most beneficial where concentrations are high,' Alcock said.
By making use of a much greater range of the spectrum, the new materials are able to remove pollutants at a far superior rate.
Valdez noted the pens obstruct natural water flow and efforts to remove pollutants.
These materials will remove pollutants in seconds, as the water flows by," he said.
The EPA will require a combination of systems that use pumps and other methods to remove pollutants from the most contaminated areas of soil and groundwater.
A German newspaper reported they strongly advocated AdBlue, a liquid pumped into exhaust gases via a tank to remove pollutants, but VW said at [euro]300 per vehicle it was "too expensive".
Professor John Dover, from Staffordshire University, said: "We have known for some time that vegetation can help remove pollutants that damage human health, so it is splendid to see Birmingham take the lead.
An emissions control strategy that has become popular with ship owners is the use of “wet scrubbers” which use seawater to remove pollutants from the air and neutralize their environmental effect.
Duncan and other scientists attribute the decrease to more efficient automobiles as well as to smokestack scrubbers on power plants that help to remove pollutants from emissions.
The acquired business provides advanced stormwater treatment technology that uses enhanced bioretention to remove pollutants from stormwater.