remove the errors

See: fix, repair
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The Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS) around two weeks ago provided to the ECP blocks and maps to remove the errors and mistakes for the delimitation of constituencies.
In order to remove high frequency error using fourth order compact difference scheme, multigrid method uses some relaxation methods and to remove the errors, it uses coarse grid correction.
The court directed to remove the errors from and resubmit it.
I think we will be going back to basics in a lot of things to try and remove the errors that are cropping up in our play.
This method allowed a more precise and faster way to remove the errors and to obtain a corrected digital geomorphological map.
People intuitively understand how misstatements in a closing balance sheet affect current-period income statement amounts, largely because they can follow the effects of corrections made to the closing balance sheet to remove the errors.
The calibration involves measuring AOA on some sort of accurate range and the correction of measured data in later operations to remove the errors measured during calibration.
also said the site in question is being modified to remove the errors.
The receivers each determine the differential corrections necessary to remove the errors in the satellite signals received due to the effects of the ionosphere, troposphere and selective availability (SA).
The Election Commission of Pakistan is in consultation with the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS) to remove the errors and mistakes in blocks and maps for delimitation of constituencies.
Former cricketer said his goal is to remove the errors from the techniques of the batsmen so that they can play to the best of their abilities.