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Uponor added that it does not comply with the Finnish Corporate Governance Code 2015 regarding the personnel and remuneration committee, which recommends that a board committee should consist of three members.
To fulfil our duty to act in INGs long-term interests the Supervisory Board will carefully assess how it can develop a sustainable and competitive remuneration policy going forward.
Answer: Pursuant to your query, an employer may ask its employees to work on national holidays and compensate its employees by granting a day off on another day provided the employer pays 50 per cent extra remuneration for working on a national holiday.
The average remuneration of independent directors, which includes sitting fees and commissions, was Rs 6.
In the retailer's annual report, the remuneration committee said it had also cut planned pay rises for the Next board after lower-than-expected profits and earnings per share.
Toujours selon la meme source, [beaucoup moins que]la remuneration du personnel titulaire a continue sa progression en 2015 pour s'elever a 831,5 MDT contre 761,7 MDT en 2014, soit une hausse de 9,2% contre 10,1% une annee auparavant.
According to the same source, "the remuneration of the incumbents continued to increase in 2015 to reach 831.
The letter said: "The level of remuneration awarded to executive directors continues to be an area of particular concern for members, as well as society as a whole, with the current economic and political climate also contributing to the level of scrutiny.
The inspections include a request for every employee to declare in written form the real amount of the remuneration, while NRA inspectors check cash registers, turnover registration and compliance with social security laws.
The present study explores the impact of independence of remuneration committee on the remuneration of executive directors in a sample of 51 listed companies in India for a period from 2003 to 2012.
Chapter 1 - overview of changes for scheme users The Chancellor announced at Budget 2016 that the Government will take action to ensure those who have used disguised remuneration tax avoidance schemes pay their fair share of tax and National Insurance contributions.
One executive had fixed remuneration of over e1/41,736,478 in 2014, was awarded a e1/4358,306 in the form of variable remuneration (bonus), thus earning almost e1/42.