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Toujours selon la meme source, [beaucoup moins que]la remuneration du personnel titulaire a continue sa progression en 2015 pour s'elever a 831,5 MDT contre 761,7 MDT en 2014, soit une hausse de 9,2% contre 10,1% une annee auparavant.
The decree says the Deputy Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces may amend the remuneration at his discretion of the public interest.
117 of 2014 on remuneration of recruits on national service and those called to reserve service.
He further added that in case a person is paid remunerations from a number of firms, the sums of the remunerations will be added and once the sum of the minimum wage is attained, the last firm that paid remuneration will be obliged to pay the contributions.
In a statement for Utrinski vesnik he said that if an employee was paid both a salary and remuneration from a single employer social security contributions will be paid for both the salary and the remuneration provided their total exceeds 3,000 euros.
The evolution of pay systems refers to the extension and change at their pay systems (agreement/director) in the historic chain of pay systems (from the strong variation of salary relative to production until today when the worker no longer results in volume production this function being returned to machinery, the salary varies less with production to take into account of other demands of its stimulation; from the highly variable payment systems practiced in the early industrialization to the patterns of remuneration that are fixed and stable as the progress of industrialization edifices (2).
The remunerations paid to members of boards of directors of large Danish companies have reportedly gone up significantly in recent years.
This legislative initiative, taken under Article 190@5 of the Treaty of Amsterdam, means that all MEPs would in future receive the same remuneration, and streamlines the plethora of expenses and allowances.
The fee to the Board of Directors was set at SEK 4,775,000, to be distributed among the members as follows: SEK 1,350,000 to the Chairman and a total of SEK 2,700,000 to the other members; in addition, SEK 250,000 to the chairman of the Audit Committee and SEK 125,000 to other members of the Audit Committee and SEK 75,000 to each of the members the Remuneration Committee.
E[acute accent]OMX's remunerations comprise the following components:
The Board of Directors of ENDESA (NYSE:ELE) has approved an amendment in its rules on the appointment, composition and functions of the Committee for Audit and Shareholder Relations and the Committee for Organisation, Appointments and Remunerations.
In order to address said weaknesses and achieve greater transparency the Central Bank of Bahrain (the "CBB") has released mandatory remuneration rules for licensed financial institutions (applies equally to listed licensed financial institutions) in Bahrain (the "New Regulation") under Module HC-5 of Volume 1 and 2 of the CBB Rulebook.