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According to the first article of the new decree, national service recruits who are self-employed professionals and owners of personal enterprises will receive remuneration of Dh3,000 a month.
The Deputy Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces may amend the said remuneration at his discretion of the public interest.
The second article states that remuneration of those on reserve service will be the following:
The chairmen and members of governmental councils and committees created in compliance with the Law or Royal Decree or those created reliant upon an Edict from the Prime Minister, shall be paid a maximum remuneration amount of BD 8,000 per annum after approval from the Cabinet (i.
The Civil Service Council shall have jurisdiction to consider all requisitions referred to it upon recommendation from the Cabinet regarding the amount of remuneration payable to governmental councils and committees, according to rules and criteria setup and approved from the Cabinet.
Presentation of Annual Report and Auditors' Report and the consolidated accounts and consolidated auditors' report; Statement by the President, presentation of work conducted by the Board of Directors, remuneration and audit committees and information about OMX's application of the Swedish Code of Corporate Governance.
Board's proposal on principles for remuneration and other terms of employment for Group management.
As a consequence of these amendments, their new names will be Committee for Audit and Compliance and Committee for Appointments and Remunerations, respectively.