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Is there some reason that every job, including those often held by teenagers or the semi-retired, must be remunerative enough to support a family of three?
The son of former England defender Terry masterminded a famous draw in a rare Staffordshire derby to secure a replay on Tuesday week - undoubtedly under the watchful and remunerative eye of Sky cameras.
Editor's note: The contrarian view among newsletter publishers is that while opportunities like consulting can be quite remunerative, that time might still be more profitably spent concentrating on the business, creating a new marketing package, launching a new title.
NFU dairy board chairman Gwyn Jones said:" If the dairy industry wants to avoid long-term decline in supply, dairy farmers must have remunerative milk prices.
Fish farming is to be a particular focus of the fund, with a Commission memorandum saying it "represents real potential for the creation of remunerative jobs and new economic activities".
GETTING wise to the qualities of certain jockeys can be highly remunerative.
Therefore, they did not make very remunerative deals.
And although the Premiership say they don't want and don't need the two Scots clubs, they also see potential for a more remunerative TV deal and would accept Celtic and Rangers with open arms and open wallets if they arrived via promotion from the First Division.
The ministers (signing the memorandum) reaffirmed objectives of the tripartite rubber cooperation to ensure fair and remunerative rubber prices for their more than 10 million small holders.
Locally we've seen the Lib Dems giving themselves massive hikes in allowances as well as creating new remunerative posts etc.
participation over some 30 years had been decisive in ensuring cooperation between producers and consumers and had played a vital role in achieving remunerative prices for growers.
Will University A properly prepare your student for a fulfilling and remunerative career in music?