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Falling underemployment could be indicative of more remunerative jobs.
The legislator's view on the enterprise highlighted by the Civil Code is an extended one in comparison with the previous one from the Commercial Code, as it has a view at the same time on the remunerative and non-remunerative scope.
Demanding fair remunerative price (FRP) for sugarcane, the farmers from western Maharashtra (sugar growing belt), have intensified their protest and also resorted in vandalising the sugar commissioner's office in Pune.
That fundamental error is too deeply entrenched, too highly remunerative, and too propitiously useful to those seeking a world concordant with their fantasies.
Nimesh Shah, MD & CEO of ICICI Prudential AMC said: 'The ICICI Group, through its CSR and business initiatives, has worked towards building a social infrastructure that can help every person engage in productive and remunerative economic activity.
In addition, it is alleged that she did not have the required permission to perform external remunerative work, the statement read.
In a statement unveiling its 2013-2017 industrial plan, Pirelli said it will consider partnerships for the particular division in an effort to maximise return on investments by focusing resources on more remunerative operations.
The platform was attended by more than 6500 Veterinarians, artificial inseminators and progressive dairy farmers from 20 states and 200 districts of India emphasizing role of Animal husbandry as second largest economic activity in agriculture sector and its role in sustainable rural development, women empowerment and remunerative self employment .
Is teaching becoming a less remunerative occupation relative to other local opportunities such that over time it may become less attractive?
This will help both in getting remunerative prices and also help eliminate middlemen from the local market.
Farrukh Zafar, who left his remunerative job at LG Pakistan to dedicate his efforts for Gagism, said that the idea of selling Gagism hit him when blog traffic dipped down to 400,000 page views per day, while it had been serving a million hits per day in the past.
This is expected to reduce the post harvest losses and bring remunerative prices to farmers.