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when the term Normal is to refer to long periods of several years, supply means what can be produced by plant, which itself can be remuneratively produced and applied within the given time; while lastly, there are very gradual or secular movements of normal price, caused by the growth of knowledge, of population and of capital, and the changing conditions of demand and supply from one generation to another."
In defending this proposal, he contends that being remuneratively employed does not correspond to making a contribution to society: some remunerative employment does not benefit society and some socially valuable functions (e.g., caring for children, serving in community activities) receive little or no remuneration.
Financially the paper was, small surprise, a disaster; even Coleridge acknowledged "my Don Quixotism in expecting that the public will ever pretend to understand my lucubrations." His next foray into journalism, in 1811, more remuneratively catered to the ruck: a series of ninety-one leaders written for the Courier, many of them anti-Bonapartist.
Their limited endowments, together with their inability to use them remuneratively, explain why between 1977 and 1978 and from 1983 to 1984 the rate of decline of the head-count index of poverty was lower among them compared to the rest of the population.