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We learned, then, that Renaissance was not a man; that renaissance was a term used to signify what was at best but an imperfect rejuvenation of art.
The Roman layer, which is the most ancient and deepest, is occupied by the round arch, which reappears, supported by the Greek column, in the modern and upper layer of the Renaissance.
When the Renaissance dawned upon the world, and brought with it the new ideals of the beauty of life and the joy of living, men could not understand Christ.
It will be what the Greeks sought for, but could not, except in Thought, realise completely, because they had slaves, and fed them; it will be what the Renaissance sought for, but could not realise completely except in Art, because they had slaves, and starved them.
The substantial progress reflects the benefits of a balanced approach to school reform and the power of the School Renaissance program.
The reading of Ovid during the Renaissance was done in the light of new contemporary philosophies (Plato, Ficino).
Scholars have long commented on the importance of the Irish Renaissance of the late nineteenth and early twentieth century as a model for African American artists and intellectuals theorizing what a "New Negro" political and cultural "renaissance" might be during the 1920s.
Ground was broken on October 11th for the construction of Brooklyn Renaissance Plaza, a 31-story building that will includes a 384-room hotel development on a City-owned site in downtown Brooklyn.
Readings in Renaissance Women's Drama: Criticism, History, and Performance 1594-1998.
Almost everything about the period in African American literature that is typically termed the Harlem Renaissance has been contested.