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School Renaissance is a commercially available K-12 comprehensive school reform program designed to help teachers use information to improve learning outcomes for their students (http://www.
We think this is a fun and constructive offer to our guests who are helping the environment by driving hybrid vehicles," said Hank Biddle, senior vice president, Renaissance Hotels & Resorts North America.
The ways of contemporary theory, poststructuralist theories of sexuality, historicism, and writing referred to in this book are able to inform us about how Renaissance authors used Ovid's stories in order to build the history of bodies and sexualities.
It is clear from the statements of many of the leading writers and intellectuals of the Harlem Renaissance that they were inspired by the works, figures, institutions, discussions, and arguments of the Irish Renaissance.
Wiseman writes fascinatingly on the "semi-subjective voice of echo" in Renaissance poems, which "can become another personality, even a disorderly personality, inhabiting the poem"; in cases of female echoes of male poetic voices, echo achieves what Renaissance women so often tried to negotiate: "the power of a female voice to reply while claiming silence" (221, 230).
As a premier manufacturer of labels, technology and innovation are critical to Renaissance Mark's success.
Since the publication of Jacob Burckhardt's classic study of the Italian Renaissance in the nineteenth century, Renaissance culture has been perceived as predominantly secular, especially in Italy.
The essence of Renaissance is the legacy of the Lincoln brand's importance to African Americans.
James Haar, has selected sixteen of his essays, published between 1966 and 1993 to form a collection that serves to complement two of his earlier books, Essays on Italian Poetry ant/Music in the Renaissance (1986) and The Italian Madrigal in the Early Sixteenth Century (1988).
Paul Oskar Kristeller first enunciated his thesis on the nature and origins of Renaissance humanism five years after he came to America from Italy -- in a lecture, to be precise, at Connecticut College on 9 March 1944.
Fresenius Medical Care North America (FMCNA), a subsidiary of Fresenius Medical Care AG (Frankfurt Stock Exchange: FME, FME3) (NYSE: FMS, FMS-p), the world's largest provider of Dialysis Products and Services, today announced the purchase of the remaining 50% equity shares of Renaissance Health Care, Inc.