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In all cases, a subcostal or transverse abdominal incision was made; the renal veins and the main renal artery were carefully dissected out into the primary branches with careful mobilization of the RAA (Figure 1).
Acute renal artery thrombosis treated by percutaneous rheolytic thrombectomy.
cEnthusiasm for RF ablation of the sympathetic nerves accompanying the renal artery was generated by a series of publications describing the physiologic and therapeutic effects.
Post-traumatic pseudoaneurysms and AV fistulas of the right renal artery
The vena cava, renal artery and renal vein were narrowed likely due to vasospasm, but the aorta was otherwise unremarkable.
Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)-angiography showed a total occlusion of the left subclavian artery and a severe narrowing of the right renal artery.
As I mentioned in my March 2010 column, a new procedure involves threading a catheter into the renal artery and burning key nerves in the wall of the artery that help regulate blood pressure.
Last October, a surgeon in Brooklyn used one of the clips to tie off 29-year-old Michael King's renal artery when he donated a kidney to his ailing wife, the Associated Press reported.
Narrowing, hardening and blocking of renal artery due to plaque deposition is Renal Artery Stenosis (RAS).
The left renal artery demonstrated normal flow and calibre.
The authors report the case of a 2-year-old girl who developed occlusion from an intimal flap in a renal artery (grade IV renal injury) after blunt abdominal trauma that was treated with a stent placement.
In addition, it is a relatively poor index of the function of individual kidneys and renal mass because unilateral renal artery stenosis >70% is often associated with decreased GFR in one kidney but no change in the creatinine concentration until 50% of the total renal mass is lost ("creatinine blinded area") (1,5).