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During the morphometry of renal cortex of the this experimental group (test 4) we detected the increasing of the size of renal corpuscle and renal glomerulus in 13.
This, first of all, is expressed in the form of expanding of the renal corpuscle and glomerulus size, change of the size of proximal convoluted tubule opening.
The presence of a renal corpuscle within the genital kidney (character 7, state 0) was recovered as the pleisiomorphic condition for salamanders.
showed marked diminution in PAS positive material in the renal corpuscles and tubules (Fig.
Histological analysis of kidneys of CRE group showed: cortical area with the presence of indefinite renal corpuscles and difficult delimitation of the Bowman's capsule, congestion of glomeruli capillary, and intra-capsular and tubular spaces not preserved, which indicated tissue damage (Figure 4B).