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Instead of being linked with Kaka, Ronaldo and the Koh-i-noor diamond, we were the subject of the wrong sort of transfer speculation, having to fight off marauders from the renascent Spanish League for our carefullyassembled 'spine'.
After a year without a main-stage production, a renascent Opera Hamilton opened its 2008/09 season Oct.
The renascent and erratic Fidel has not been specific about who he considers guilty of the transgressions he highlights.
At the outset idealizing renascent Italian freedom, she grew exasperated by the gulf between rhetoric and action, but at length came to terms, if not into agreement, with modes of thought and behavior stemming from ingrained assumptions alien to her own.
In Renascent Africa (1968), a book-length work devoted to outlining the philosophical possibilities and requirements of a postcolonial Pan-African movement, Nnamdi Azikiwe, cofounder of the NCNC, claims that, "National Risorgimento is inevitable.
Naipaul's plea at the end of the book is not for any "fascist" form of organization, not for Shivaji or any renascent Hinduism.
But Rosen's view of international politics goes beyond renascent Reagan-era hawkishness and embraces a social Darwinistic framework for understanding hegemonic America's challenges.
Those options could have serious repercussions for the renascent Welsh coal industry.
This renascent interest in working hard doesn't necessarily imply a desire to put the proverbial shoulder to the collective wheel.
Much as a generation of artists who had come of age in the wake of the second world war and who had come through the fires of the renascent Civil Rights Movement felt that the experiences they shared in some ways set them apart from the New Negroes of their grandparents' generation, and that the rigors of the emerging black power called for something radically different from what their parents had brought to the fight, the "integration babies" and "resegregation babies" of more recent periods seek each other out on the ground of a perceived need to respond to a different set of circumstances from that faced by their Black Arts forerunners.
It matters because battle lines will be drawn up in the New Year when the droll but driven BBC2 chef, Heston Blumenthal, will be compared to the renascent Delia Smith.
It's called the Renascent Arboreal Kemptness Enhancer.