render an account of

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References in classic literature ?
Don Quixote was mightily provoked by this answer, and seizing the mule by the bridle he said, "Halt, and be more mannerly, and render an account of what I have asked of you; else, take my defiance to combat, all of you.
For if any one should render an account of what a primary substance is, he would render a more instructive account, and one more proper to the subject, by stating the species than by stating the genus.
Well, wait for me a moment; I am going thither to render an account of the fidelity with which you fulfilled your duty, and to get my sword, which I left upon the table in the tent.
uf, and he has been long gone to render an account of his stewardship.
Suppose it is rather fussy and provoking, like all good housekeepers, --it can at any moment render an account of its disbursements.
When the prince called upon him, he came and stood by his side, and in a calm, clear voice began to render an account of the mission confided to him.
What really matters is not the end-time, but how prepared we are to face our God when God comes and to render an account of our life.
Can we render an account of human security that makes the Mother Teresas of the world intelligible--and accept as infinitely more secure the poverty and deprivations of service than the powers of self-determination and wealth?
If they don't, the historical responsibility period will start and those who avoid to say "YES", never will render an account of this to the history.
With joy they returned to Jesus to render an account of their activities.
The latter will render an account of the results of the WRC-07 with regard to Community policies, as well as the preparation of the 2011 conference.
Numerous suggestions have been offered, but perhaps the most illuminating is Basil Studer's observation that the Holy Spirit was taken by the early church to have to do only with the Christian community itself, and that it therefore was believed to have little apologetic value in the struggle to render an account of the Christian faith in the face of the challenge of Hellenism (A.